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text analysis

Internet contains tons of information with valuable insights that can be used by humans for different purposes. Extraction of only needed information manually from this huge amount of unstructured data may take a lot of time and energy, but thankfully, the advancement of technology has made this task easy for the users with text analytics.

What is text analytics?

Text analytics is an automated process of translating large volumes of unstructured texts that does not have a predefined format, into valuable insights or information by compiling, analyzing and extracting the unstructured data, using machine learning and NLP (natural language processing) techniques.

Text analytics helps you identify trends and patterns by automatically extracting unstructured data from the internet which can be useful for businesses to improve their products and services. It, also, allows you to analyze large volumes of data in a very short time, and provides you results in real-time.

Text Analytics for Market Research

The applications of text analytics in market research are incredibly high. Market research is an important aspect of strategic planning. But analyzing loads of text manually is too-time consuming and inefficient. Text analytics solutions driven by natural language processing (NLP) can help you gather and analyze unstructured text data that will help you in evaluating marketing impact, optimizing customer service and SEO, making the most of influencer marketing, and significantly improving social listening.

We have a great text analytics tool Bytesview to get the job done in simple steps.

BytesView’s comprehensive text analytics solutions can help you compile and analyze loads of unstructured textual data with little effort. Identify rising and falling market trends, get competitive and audience insights, analyze customer responses, etc. Automate data gathering and analysis with advanced machine techniques and boost your business towards success.

Text Analytics for Academics 

Students often need qualitative and quantitative data for research projects and assignments for academic purposes but it can be an impossible task for them to fetch the data manually. Researchers and students need to deal with vast volumes of unstructured data. Text analysis allows students to gather, analyze, and interpret complex text data from multiple sources.

The information researchers and students need can be related to market research, opinion mining/sentiment analysis, content analysis, thematic analysis, experimental research analysis, extracting both qualitative as well as quantitative data, intent analysis, etc

BytesView is a highly efficient text analytics solution that can help researchers and students to gather and analyze text data in various formats and from multiple sources. Analyze the opinions, suggestions, intent, perform sentiment analysis, identify recurring topics, and subject matter with ease.

Text Analysis with Bytesview 


BytesView is an advanced NLP-based data analysis tool that is one of the most effective and easiest ways to extract valuable insights for unstructured text data that can help you to improve marketing, customer support and human resources effectively with accuracy.

Key features of BytesView

      • Optimized for Twitter data analysis
      • Integrate Text Data with Ease
      • Use Dedicated API to Build Custom Modules
      • Text analysis in Multiple Formats and Dialects
      • Perform Sentiment Analysis
      • Gain Market and Competitive Insights

Bytesview’s text analysis can give you access to valuable insights and provide you with data you are looking for. Click here to schedule a demo.


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