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Insights With Advanced Text Analysis

BytesView data analysis tool is one of the most effective and easiest ways to extract insights for unstructured text data. Get personalized insights to improve marketing, customer support, human resources, and more

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topic labelling icon

Topic labeling

Use our topic labeling model to compile data from multiple sources and categorize them within seconds to improve efficiency. Automate classification of documents using text analysis.

Intent Detection icon

Intent Detection

Detect and classify the unstructured text and automatically detect the intent behind emails, sentences, text data or written interaction between individuals using text analysis.

gender detection icon

Gender Detection

Understand audience demographics and plan your targeted marketing strategies accordingly. Use our text analysis tool to classify the gender of your consumer base within minutes in multiple languages.

Semantic Similarities

Semantic Similarities

Determine how close two pieces of text are in terms of surface closeness as well as the meaning behind them. Use text analytics to extract documents and content with similar meaning and structures.

Sentiment Analysis Icon

Sentiment Analysis

Analyze, interpret, and classify complex pieces of text based on the sentiments and opinions behind unstructured text data with our sentiment analysis tool.

Emotion Analysis Icon

Emotion Analysis

Use text analytics to gather and analyze large volumes of text data and recognize various emotions and feelings expressed by your followers, customers, and more.

Feature Extraction Icon

Feature Extraction

Analyze text data from multiple sources related to your industry and identify features along with related insights. Use text analysis to perform market research and compare your product features with your competitors.

Keyword Extraction Icon

Keyword Extraction

Extract targeted or predefined keywords from any unstructured text data and gain valuable insights to boost efficiency with text analytics.

Entity Extraction Icon

Entity Extraction

Use entity extraction to track news updates or any kind of information related to any organization, brand, or individual. Automatically detect and classify key elements/entities from unstructured text data using text analysis.

BytesView Text Analysis Solutions

Voice of Employee and Employee Feedback Data Analytics

Our advanced voice of employee solution lets you compile and analyze large volumes of employee feedback data from multiple sources. Use data analysis to make data-driven decisions and improve employee sentiment, morale, and productivity.

  • Perform sentiment analysis on employee feedback data and analyze their opinions.
  • Perform automated tagging of employee data based on topic, intent, sentiment, and more with data analysis.
  • Use data analytics to define tags and extract keywords from any piece of text or unstructured data.
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Voice Of Employee
voice of customer
Voice of Customer and Customer Experience Data Analytics

Our voice of the customer and feedback data analytics solution is designed to analyse large amounts of customer feedback. Use our sentiment analysis tool to quickly understand and evaluate your customer base, and turn their feedback into sources of targeted improvement for your company.

  • Our text analysis tools will help you convert unstructured customer feedback data from a variety of sources into a structured and useful format.
  • Perform comprehensive sentiment analysis on customer support data,feedback, complaints, etc.
  • Identify recurring customer complaints and inquiries with our data analysis tool.
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Automate Ticket Tagging of Customer Support Queries

Use bytesview's ticket tagging solution, to improve the efficiency of your customer support teams by increasing response rates and the overall customer experience. Use our text analysis tool to prioritize customer requests and tickets based on urgency.

  • Text analytics helps you to automate tagging of incoming tickets or support requests based on intent, issue or urgency
  • Track and rectify any negative review to prevent customer churning with our sentiment analysis tool.
  • Identify recurring requests and issues over time with our data analysis tool.
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Automate ticket tagging
Analyze mentions icons
Analyze Mentions, Opinions, and Sentiments Behind Social Media Posts

Use BytesView’s social media analytics to analyze large volumes of social media data. Compile and dissect complex abbreviations, acronyms, slangs, hashtags, and poor grammar with our text analysis tool and gain actionable insights.

  • Dissect the opinions, and feedback from users to identify key issues with our sentiment analysis tool.
  • Use data analysis to discover valuable suggestions for product development or to improve user experience
  • Identify your competitors' flaws with our text analysis tool and use them as a strategic advantage in the future.
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Gain Market and Competitive Intelligence

Turn complex market intelligence data into game-changing insights and make data-driven decisions. Compile and analyze data from news, social media, forums, review sites, and more with data analytics.

  • Dissect concrete semantic relations uncover market-moving insights for your specific requirements.
  • Use data analytics to categorize and classify content by analyzing the deep meaning of the text
  • Gain predictive insights into emerging trends in your specific industry using text analytics.
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Gain Market and Competitive intelligence icon
Text Analysis For Research icon
Text Analytics for Research Purposes

Compile and organize text data in various formats from multiple sources using bytesview’s advanced text analysis solution. Analyze and extract valuable insights to support your research.

  • Data analytics helps you to simplify compiling and structuring text data from multiple sources.
  • Get access to insights like users sentiments, topical content, intent analysis, and more with our data analysis tool.
  • Get precise analytical reports with ease and improve efficiency with our data analysis tool.
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How our data analysis tool works?


Gather the Data

Our advanced text analysis tool compiles large volumes of unstructured text from various sources such as social Media, News websites, forums, reviews etc. You can also automate data gathering with our dedicated data analysis tool to improve efficiency.


Data Analysis Using NLP

The natural language process technology then applies text analytics solutions such as sentiment analysis, topic extraction, text clustering, summarization, intent detection, and auto-tagging of data based on intent to provide a comprehensive overview.


Data Visualization Dashboard

The findings and insights from the text analysis are then projected on the analytical dashboard. You can easily interpret the findings from the data analysis and use the insights to develop strategies.

BytesView Features

Optimized for twitter data

Optimized for Twitter data analysis

BytesView data analysis tool is designed to incorporate both the formal language of the news and the informal, complex sentences, acronyms, slangs, and hashtags from Twitter in multiple languages. Twitter sentiment analysis can be performed with ease.

integrate text data with ease

Integrate Text Data with Ease

Dedicated plugins for Google Spreadsheet and Zendesk to help integrate and analyze data with ease with our data analysis tool.

api custom modules

Use our API to Build Custom Modules

Integrate BytesView API with your system and train custom modules with data specific to your organization to increase accuracy. Choose from our wide range of text analysis solutions such as sentiment analysis, keyword extraction, text clustering, summarization, intent detection etc.

analyze text in multiple formate

Text analysis in Multiple Formats and Dialects

BytesView text analysis tool is capable of analyzing text data in multiple languages and dialects. Use our APIs to further increase accuracy by training custom data analysis models with data specific to your organization

perform sentiment analysis icon

Perform Sentiment Analysis

Integrate, examine, and classify sentiments of users from unstructured text data and analyze sentiments of users with our highly effective data analysis tool.

Gain Market and competitive insights icon

Gain Market and Competitive Insights

Our data analytics tool helps you perform market research and gain competitive insights by analyzing and text data from multiple sources to gain actionable insights. Gain insights into emerging trends in your specific industry with advanced data analysis.