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Use BytesView’s advanced text analysis techniques to analyze large volumes of unstructured text data to get access to precise analytics insights with ease and minimize your workload.

Role of Text Analysis in Research

Students for universities and academic institutions often need to gather, analyze, and interpret complex text data from multiple sources and use different research methodologies to fetch qualitative as well as quantitative data for research projects and assignments.

Researchers and students need to deal with vast volumes of unstructured data. It can be related to market research, opinion mining/sentiment analysis, content analysis, thematic analysis, experimental research analysis, extracting both qualitative as well as quantitative data, intent analysis, etc

BytesView is a highly efficient text analytics solution that can help researchers and students to gather and analyze text data in various formats and from multiple sources. Analyze the opinions, suggestions, intent, perform sentiment analysis, identify recurring topics, and subject matter with ease.

Text analysis helps to improve overall efficiency and precision while analyzing data and minimize workload.

How to access Text Analysis solution?

Gather the Research Data in Excel or Text Document

BytesView is an effective tool that can help you gather complex and unstructured text data from multiple sources and compile it on a single platform for text analysis.

  • Collect text data from multiple sources and formats including feedback, social posts, reviews, and suggestions for research purposes
  • Compile all unstructured data into an Excel/CSV file or Google Spreadsheet
  • Use third-party data scraping tool to compile research data for text analysis.
Gather the Research Data in Excel or Text Document
Integrate the Data Feed with Bytes View

Integrate the Data Feed with Bytes View

Integrate the Excel/CSV file or Google spreadsheet text data with the BytesView platform. Following these simple steps:

  • Upload the Excel/CSV file on the BytesView platform
  • Install the BytesView plugin for Google spreadsheets or Zendesk(coming soon) to integrate and analyze data
  • Get direct access to the BytesView API and integrate it with your system to automate gathering of textual data

Select the Analysis Model

After you integrate the Excel/CSV or Google spreadsheet text data files with the BytesView system, choose from the various analytical models to start analyzing data.

  • Use sentiment analysis to dissect and analyze complex text data to understand the sentiments and opinions of users.
  • Use intent analysis to classify any piece of text based on intent to identify recurring topics and issues with ease.
  • Use text extraction and clustering to help categorize unstructured text data and documents.
Analyze the customer data
Present the data

Present the Output

Get a comprehensive overview of analyzed data with in-depth statistical insights from BytesView’s intuitive analytical dashboard.

  • Get a comprehensive overview of analyzed data with in-depth statistical insights from BytesView’s intuitive analytical dashboard.
  • Intuitive visualization dashboard for help uncover insights
  • Get precise analytical statistics with our text analysis solutions.

Export the Output

Export all analytical insights and statistical data from BytesView’s analytical dashboard into a PDF file. Use it to compare data over time or share your findings with others

  • Download all analytical insights of the analyzed data into a PDF file
  • Our text analysis tool helps you share all the insights and findings with ease or compare data over time
  • Extract all the statistical insights with a few clicks
export the output

Benefits of a Text Analysis in Research

Extracting Relevant Data

Researchers need to collect and study a huge amount of data. Which can easily become tedious and overwhelming. With text analysis they can easily extract and analyze only the relevant data from the text.

Extracting Relevant Data
Preventing bias and error

Preventing bias and error

Any research or academic process is a long and difficult task that a individual have to perform by himself. This very often leaves the text data prone to human errors and bias. Text analysis can help in easily analyzing the whole data set without error.

Minimizing the workload

Analyzing text data for any kind of research or academic purpose is a huge undertaking that requires enormous amounts of time and energy being invested by an individual. Text analysis can help a person achieve useful insights quickly and thus minimizing their workload

Minimizing the workload
Operational efficiency

Operational efficiency

Text analysis helps increase operational efficiency, especially when the data is huge. According to a recent survey of institutional research and assessment professionals across Canada and the U.S., it was found that 77 percent of respondents manually read and tag their survey comments. They have described this process as “time-consuming”, “tedious”, and “labor-intensive’’.

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