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When it comes to sharing information quickly and reliably, Twitter is unrivaled. Most Twitter users are adults, therefore the conversations and content you find there will be mature. As a result, institutions of higher learning, scientific communities, and commercial enterprises can all gain from examining Twitter data. Also, if you ever need to access tweets from the past, you may do it with ease thanks to Twitter’s searchable archive.

To retrieve older tweets, though, can be a bit of a pain. If you’d like to see only your previous tweets, you can request access to them. Finding tweets from the past that include a specific hashtag, @mention, or account other than your own requires technical expertise, though.

We’ll examine how to save tweets from the past that have a certain hashtag, keyword, @mention, or were posted by a certain account. Okay, so let’s get going.

Can You Download Your Old Tweets?

Twitter has you covered if you want to download tweets from just your account’s history. Since the first day you sign up for a Twitter account, the social media giant starts monitoring your every move. Therefore, it provides two entry points for accessing this information:

The built-in Twitter analytics dashboard keeps tabs on your profile’s performance and offers useful metrics.

It also allows you to download your entire Twitter archive along with performance metrics.

download old tweets Here are the basic actions you need to do to download your tweets:

  • Go to and sign in
  • Navigate to the left-hand menu and select More
  • Selecting Settings and Support, then Settings and Privacy
  • Select Download an Archive of Your Data and enter your password.

Once you’ve completed these steps, Twitter will begin compiling your old tweets and provide you a link to download the same through the email address linked with your Twitter profile. Previous tweets can be retrieved and analyzed for performance analysis throughout a wide range of time periods.

Search Someone Else’s Old Tweets

Tweets from other accounts cannot be downloaded straight from Twitter, although you can search through them. Let me explain.Twitter Advanced Search

To refine your search results, you can use Twitter’s advanced search function. Tweets from any public Twitter account can be scanned for a given term, hashtag, or phrase within a given time window.

The many options for filtering are as follows:

  • Words: Enter the words, hashtags, or phrases you want to find in tweets.
  • Accounts: Specify the Twitter account(s) you want to search, including the account(s) from which the tweets originated, the account(s) to which they were replied, and the account(s) mentioned in the tweets.
  • Replies: Choose whether you only want to look through the original tweets or via the original tweets and the replies as well.
  • Links: Tweets with a link can be searched for separately if desired.
  • Engagement: Tell us how many replies, likes, and retweets each tweet must receive as a bare minimum.
  • Date range: Tell Twitter what time period you’re interested in.

Download Old Tweets of Any Public Twitter Account

You can view your past tweets and analytics on Twitter, but this isn’t the same for other users’ accounts. Tweets from other users’ archives are not yet available for direct download from Twitter

To get this data, you will need to make use of the Twitter API. However, you’ll need to know how to code in order to obtain older tweets via the Twitter API. You should use an external analytics platform like FollowersAnalysis if you don’t have the necessary knowledge or means to circumvent this limitation.


download old tweets Tweets from any public Twitter account can be accessed with the help of FollowersAnalysis, a third-party Twitter analytics application. You can save historical tweets based on a search for a certain term, account, or hashtag.

Tweets can be downloaded in two different ways from FollowersAnalysis:

  • Get the most recent 3,200 tweets

Get the last 3200 tweets from any public Twitter account you want. Tweets and retweets are also included in the information gathered. You can download a CSV/Excel file containing all the historical tweets. In addition to the tweets, you will also have access to an in-depth report analyzing the tweets, which will include analytics that will shed light on how well the tweets performed. It will set you back $29 for the tweet data and analytic PDF report.

  • Download old tweets archive

Any public Twitter account, hashtag, keyword, or @mention can have its full Twitter history downloaded in one go. Tweets from the past are available for download in Excel/CSV and JSON formats. The cost of the information you need depends on how much of it you need. There is an additional fee for the analytical report in PDF format.

How to get old Tweets using FollowersAnalysis?

The following are the steps to downloading past tweets:

  • To begin, visit and click on Old Tweets.
  • Fill out the form describing your needs after clicking the Request data button.
  • The FollowersAnalysis staff will come back to you with the specifics of the data and the fee for the same when you’ve submitted the form.

Benefits of downloading old tweets

You can learn a lot by retrieving and studying past tweets, and here are some of the more essential ones.

download old tweets advantages Boost your content marketing efforts

Even the most skilled marketers may find it challenging to devise a content strategy that will captivate their target audience. It’s not simple to come up with new and interesting material on a regular basis to keep your audience interested. However, by reviewing your previous tweets, you may identify the types of information with which your target audience is most engaged. Using these findings, you may create a content strategy that attracts and retains readers.

Look into engagement and interactions

Every company wants its brand to have plenty of fans, yet these days fans only leave good comments. Damage to your brand’s reputation due to tweets and remarks can result in a precipitous drop in sales. It’s best to catch them early and interact with them before the issue goes viral and puts undue scrutiny on your business.

On the other hand, constructive criticism from customers can be a gold mine of useful information for making enhancements to a service or product. You can pinpoint your weaknesses and work to address them so that you can fulfill your client’s needs.

Guard against being left in the dust by the competition

Keeping tabs on the competition is just as crucial as keeping tabs on your own tweets and performance. Observing the content and promotional methods of your rivals might provide you with a wealth of inspiration for your own brand’s growth. You may also learn from their mistakes and correct them before they damage your company’s reputation.

Find influencers to boost reach and engagement

The most efficient strategy for expanding one’s audience and boosting conversion rates nowadays is through the use of influential people. Investments in influencer marketing by brands have been rising steadily over the past few years. However, not every influencer with a large following is equally effective, so it can be challenging to select the appropriate one to represent your brand. The influencer also needs to be someone who is highly sought after by your ideal customers and active in the field.

Insightful brand advocates can be found by mining your brand’s Twitter archive. How resolute and interesting they are as a person can be gleaned from a perusal of their tweets. Taking these steps will get you closer to identifying an effective brand supporter who can boost your company’s visibility on social media.

Analyze results and adjust strategies

Finally, make sure you’re always measuring how effective your tweets are. You can use this to learn from your mistakes and enhance your performance. Keep up your marketing efforts to win over your target market and turn them into devoted clients.

Final Thoughts

Twitter is the social media platform where people are most likely to express their views and opinions publicly. Twitter data is a treasure trove of information because of the diversity of topics discussed and the enormous volume of tweets. It could be a huge hassle to get these tweets, though, if you don’t have the right tools.

Tweet archives can be downloaded and analyzed with minimal effort using FollowersAnalysis. Successful advertising strategies often use insights acquired from in-depth analyses.

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