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Twitter is an amazing marketing tool and almost every major brand is trying to leverage it to increase its social media presence. But don’t get intimidated by them, Twitter isn’t just for renowned brands.

Twitter has nearly 400 million users, out of which 206 million users log into Twitter multiple times a day. Furthermore, Twitter users are more open to trying new products and services. Your business or brand still has a lot of opportunities to find new leads and increase conversions.

But Twitter is a fast-paced social media platform and cutting through all the noise to reach your target audience is not easy.  So how do draw the attention of users? The most effective way is to gather analytical insights and make data-driven decisions to plan an effective Twitter marketing strategy.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the most useful paid and free Twitter tools to help you grow your brand. Let’s dive in.


Twitter follower audit Twitter tool

FollowerAudit is one of the best Twitter tools when it comes to analyzing your target audience. It can help you track the Twitter follower of any public Twitter account; you can also perform an in-depth analysis to better understand your audience. Apart from tracking and analyzing your followers, you can also use it to audit your follower base and identify fake followers. You can easily spot fake and inactive followers and remove them to increase your engagement rate.

FollowerAudit also tracks the users that unfollow you. You can get a list of users that have unfollowed you on a weekly/monthly basis.

Key features of FollowerAudit

  • Track Twitter followers in real-time
  • Analyze Twitter followers
  • Identify fake and inactive followers
  • Track unfollowers

The basic monthly premium plan starts at $29.99.


TrackMyHashtag a Twitter tool

TrackMyHashtag is an effective hashtag and campaign tracking Twitter tool. It can help you identify trending and popular hashtags related to your industry. You can then use these hashtags to increase the reach and visibility of your tweets. It also helps you track hashtags; you can check how people engage with your hashtag and analyze engagement in real-time. The analytical dashboard provides various insights to further tweak your Twitter strategy.

TrackMyHashtag also provides access to historical Twitter data related to any hashtag, keyword, or @mention.

Key features of TrackMyHashtag

  • Track hashtags, keywords, or @mentions
  • Track hashtag and campaign performance in real-time
  • Identify engaging content
  • Identify influencers
  • Download historical Twitter data

The basic monthly premium plan starts at $49.


FollowersAnalysis a Twitter tool

As the name suggests, FollowersAnalysis is a Twitter tool that allows you to analyze your Twitter followers with ease. It can provide detailed lists of your followers and follow. It also provides comprehensive analytical reports for your followers and following.

Apart from analyzing your follower base, FollowersAnalysis also provides a detailed analysis of the most recent 3200 tweets.

Key features of FollowersAnalysis

  • Download Twitter followers list
  • Analyze Twitter followers and following
  • Analyze most recent 3200 tweets
  • Identify influencers
  • Identify the most engaging tweets and hashtags

FollowersAnalysis does not follow a subscription model, instead, you pay as you go. The basic analysis report starts at $29 and the pricing increases as the number of followers increases.


socialpilot a Twitter tool

SocialPilot is an amazing Twitter tool for Twitter marketing. It can let you examine your Twitter profile, including hashtags, mentions, and audience interactions. The in-built content curation tool helps you find relevant and engaging content ideas. It also provides in-depth Twitter research and reporting tools in addition to scheduling and managing your Twitter account.

Key features of SocialPilot

  • Social media posts scheduling
  • Get content ideas
  • Bulk scheduling
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Collaborate with your social media team

The basic monthly premium plan starts at $25.5.


keyhole in Twitter tools

The most effective Twitter tool for tracking hashtags and social media influencers is Keyhole. All social media indicators can be easily tracked in real-time. The analytical dashboard is simple to use and allows you to track the status of tasks. You can also generate in-depth analysis reports for each of your clients.

Key features of Keyhole

  • Track hashtag performance
  • Track social media campaigns
  • Track tasks assigned to social media teams
  • Track social media accounts across multiple platforms

The basic premium plan starts at $199.


crossfire in Twitter tools

Crwodfire is a Twitter tool that helps you identify resonating content for your followers by utilizing RSS. When compared to other social networking tools, Crowdfire stands out. Using this tool, you can identify new and engaging content topics It helps you plan an effective content strategy and keep your followers engaged.

Key features of Crowdfire

  • Content recommendations
  • Content scheduling
  • Performance analytics
  • Tracking social media mentions

The basic monthly premium plan starts at $7.48 per month.


hashtagify in Twitter tools

Hashtagify allows you to check which hashtags are popular, which are trending, and draw the most engagement. It assists you in determining the optimal hashtags for your posts. It also monitors the most popular Twitter users. It ensures that the best and most relevant hashtag for your Twitter promotion is chosen. Hashtags in various spellings and languages can be compared over time to see how they are utilized.

Key features of Hashtagify

  • Identify trending and popular hashtags
  • Identify content hashtags
  • Track hashtag performance
  • Identify most engaging users

The basic monthly premium plan starts at $29. is a Twitter service that enables you to identify and acknowledge your most devoted followers. also helps with content curation and Twitter administration. It helps you to keep tabs on your competition and offers you comprehensive reports that you can easily share with your social media teams and colleagues.

Key features of

  • Identify most engaging followers
  • Aids in content planning
  • Track your competitors

The basic monthly premium plan starts at $19.99.



MeetEdgar uses machine learning to analyze your blog posts and extract interesting quotes for Twitter posts. It saves you a lot of time by assisting you in determining what to post on social media. MeetEdgar creates an evergreen content repository, that you can use when you run out of new content ideas.

The monthly premium plan starts at $19.


The free Twitter tool, TweetDeck, can help you manage your account more effectively. You can schedule and track your tweets using this service, which is owned by Twitter. It lets you see all your Twitter activity including scheduled, current, trending, and DM content in one place. Additionally, you can search for certain keywords or media kinds using TweetDeck.

Closing Thoughts

Digital marketers utilize Twitter tools in several ways to get the most out of Twitter. You can use Twitter tools as a business owner to better communicate with your customers and followers. To identify what works best for your target market, optimize your marketing methods, analyze your performance, and run trials.

The above-mentioned tools are some of the best tools that you can use to improve your marketing approach and maximize success. Now that you have all the insights it’s time to choose the right set of tools and get started.

10 Twitter Tools to Help You Grow Your Brand
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10 Twitter Tools to Help You Grow Your Brand
10 Twitter Tools to Help You Grow Your Brand
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