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best sentiment analysis tools

The machine learning capabilities have been advancing at a rapid pace and many sentiment analysis tools have been popping up. While it started with analyzing tweets, today you can find more comprehensive sentiment analysis tools that can help you extract the sentiment from massive volumes of unstructured text.

This blog lists the 10 best sentiment analysis tools that businesses can use in 2023. Let’s get started.

What is Sentiment Analysis?

Sentiment analysis, also known as opinion mining, is a machine learning technique and natural language processing (NLP) technique. It allows you to analyze the sentiments from textual data with respect to the context expressed in it.

Businesses are now more eager than ever to know who their customers are and what they think about them. They can use sentiment analysis tools to analyze their opinions and they engage with you.

Best Sentiment Analysis Tools 2023

Here are the best sentiment analysis tools that you can use in 2023 to learn more about your audience and what they think about you.


BytesView Sentiment Analysis tools

BytesView is a text analysis tool that offers a wide range of functions, including a sentiment analysis module that is ready to use. It also makes it simple to compile data from other sources, such as Zendesk, Zapier, Excel, and Google Sheets. You can also choose from several custom integration solutions if needed.

With BytesView, you can also train custom sentiment analysis modules with data related to your organization or industry. If you have the time and resources, it’s one of the best ways to move forward when it comes to sentiment analysis as it ensures greater accuracy while analyzing data. BytesView also supports multiple languages, so if you have the data, you can know about your customers’ opinions even if they belong to various geographical demographics.

Also, since BytesView is a full-blown text analysis solution, you also get access to analysis modules such as keyword extraction, intent detection, topic labeling, emotion analysis, entity extraction, and more.


Meaning Cloud Sentiment Analysis tools

MeaningCloud is one of the best sentiment analysis tools out there. It can help you extract sentiments from unstructured text and identify if the given topic prompts positive, negative, or neutral sentiments from the user’s perspective. It also supports multiple languages so analyzing and extracting data from multilingual unstructured is possible.

Apart from sentiment analysis, it also has other text analysis solutions such as text extraction, entity detection, clustering, and more. It also supports various plugins for easier integration of data to perform the analysis.


Lexalytics Sentiment Analysis tools

Lexalytics is another great sentiment analysis tool that can transform complex text documents into useful information. It can help you improve customer satisfaction and NPS by keeping an eye on social media conversations and identifying potential problems before they go viral.

Word clouds and bar charts are only two of Lexalytics’ many useful tools, and they can be integrated into Excel for easy data storage, sorting, and management.

It is possible to connect Angoss, Mashape, and Gnip with and VOZIQ and Diffbot and Leanstack and Bigdatavendors with and GoodData with Zapier.


MonkeyLearn Sentiment Analysis tool

MonkeyLearn is a known text analysis tool that also offers sentiment analysis as one of its features. It’s a tool that specializes in analyzing the Voice of Customers and understanding their opinions. It offers various plugins for easy integration of data such as Zendesk, Google Sheets, Zapier, and more.

Furthermore, if you have the resources to code, you can develop and train custom sentiment analysis models using the data related to your industry or organization using the MonkeyLearn API. It can help you further increase the accuracy of the data analysis and better understand the sentiments of your customers.

Google Cloud Natural Language API

Google Sentiment Analysis Tools

Google Cloud Natural Language API is one of the best sentiment analysis tools out there. It can help you extract valuable insights from unstructured text with an easy-to-use Rest API. You can extract data related to people, geographic locations, events, brands, products, and more. You can better understand the sentiments of your target audience, be it customer feedback or social media conversations. You can analyze textual data by directly uploading to the data or you can integrate Google Cloud storage to streamline the process.

Microsoft Azure

MIcrosoft Azure Text Analysis

Microsoft Azure text analytics API is a comprehensive sentiment analysis tool that can help you detect sentiments from unstructured text data. It analyzes the sentiments and assigns scores accordingly. The score ranges between 0 and 1. If the score is close to 0 the sentiment is negative. If the score is close to 1 the sentiment is positive. Similarly, if the sentiment score is 0.5 the sentiment is neutral. Also, it supports English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese languages.


Quaraloo text analysis

Quaraloo is a sentiment analysis tool that can help businesses acquire insights into their customers and prospects. Google Tag Manager users can copy the setup code from the Qualaroo dashboard and paste it into Google Tag Manager, where they can easily enter the questions, they want to be answered.

If you need a way to ask visitors questions right on your website, Qualaroo is a terrific option. The question/text boxes are simple to set up and install. ‘ As a result, the reviewers gave this program a good Usability rating.

Slack, Salesforce, HubSpot, Optimizely, Google Analytics, Intercom, MailChimp, and Tableau are just a few of the hundreds of services that may be linked with a Zapier account.

NICE Interaction Analytics

NICE interaction analytics tool

With NICE Interaction Analysis technology’s sentiment analysis solution, structured and unstructured data can be quickly gathered and turned into coherent data for business intelligence. Analyze and interpret all consumer contacts in order to monitor changes in your brand’s reputation. In terms of user experience (UX), this program ranks highly. There are a lot of useful insights in the dashboards.

Rosette Text Analysis

Rosette Sentiment Analysis Tools

The Rosette API allows you to perform more in-depth sentiment analysis on social media data and learn more about various elements of people’s emotions. When clients express favorable thoughts about your brand or its products and services, for example.

Rosette uses lemmatization and morphological analysis to identify the many components of speech in a sentence. There are 30 languages that the Rosette sentiment analysis tool can identify for a corporation that works globally.


Aylien news analysis API

Using Aylien’s enhanced news data for monitoring media mentions, scoring risks connected with firms or individuals, and looking for an edge in investment strategy, brands can get an advantage over their competitors. It’s time to say goodbye to web scraping and hello to news content aggregation and perform sentiment analysis on it.

This screenshot shows that Aylien’s data may be exported and structured in highly legible ways that don’t require the expertise of a software or marketing specialist. As a result, the reviewers gave them high marks for usability. The AYLIEN News API also allows for integrations with other apps and solutions.

Wrapping Up

The above-mentioned are some of the best sentiment analysis tools that you can use to analyze public opinions and sentiments in 2023. Although, before you get started with one, analyze your requirements as well as the cost and features of each of the tools. Also, most of these are customizable, and if you code you can further increase the accuracy of the results by training it with additional data.

BytesView is one of the most comprehensive text analysis tools and sentiment analysis is only one of its many features. Click here to schedule a demo.

The 10 Best Sentiment Analysis Tools in 2022
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The 10 Best Sentiment Analysis Tools in 2022
The 10 Best Sentiment Analysis Tools in 2022
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