Sentiment Analytics with Machine Learning

Identify the sentiment behind any piece of text. Our sentiment analysis tool helps you gather text data from multiple sources and analyze the opinions of users.

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Sentiment Analysis Explained

Sentiment analysis is the process of examining and categorizing positive, negative, or neutral pieces of text. It can also help you analyze and interpret the mindsets, opinions, emotions, etc and weigh the sentiments expressed in the text. It can help data analysts analyze public sentiments, conduct market research, gauge brand reputation, and evaluate user experiences.

BytesView sentiment analyzer is an effective tool that can help you evaluate the sentiments of users by analyzing complex structured and unstructured text data.With our sentiment analysis tool you can gather text data from multiple sources (reviews, suggestions, opinions, social posts, opinions, support queries) and transform it into actionable insights to help make data-driven decisions.

Sentiment Analysis Technical Specifications

Technical Specification of sentiment Analysis

BytesView sentiment analysis tool is developed to analyze multiple languages, you can also model it to analyze specific data as per your requirements. It can be trained to support and analyze 30+ languages. You can also get access to BytesView sentiment analysis API, integrate it with your system, and build a sentiment analysis model trained on your company and user data to further increase its accuracy.

How to access BytesView Sentiment Analysis tool?

Given below are the steps to access the BytesView sentiment analytics API. You can either gather the data by yourself in an excel/CSV format or ask us to do so.

  • Gather text data from multiple sources including product reviews, suggestions, user opinions, support data, queries, complaints, social media posts, etc.
  • Compile it on an Excel/CSV file or Google spreadsheet
  • Purchase a pricing plan that suits your requirements and install the BytesView plugins
  • After your purchase a plan, you will have access to our API. Put the API key for the Google spreadsheet to integrate data with BytesView sentiment analysis tool
  • After you activate the API key, choose from our topic labeling model or build a custom one of your own
  • For more information on sentiment analysis models, go through the video
access sentiment analysis

How to build and train custom sentiment analysis models

Get access to BytesView API and integrate it with your system. Train custom sentiment analysis models with data related to your organization to further increase accuracy of the output.

build custom sentiment analysis
  • Upload Data: Directly upload the Excel/CSV file full of text data to the BytesView platform or use the dedicated Google Spreadsheet and Zendesk plugins to integrate data.
  • Define Tags: Define tags to help classify and categorize text data. Our Sentiment analyzer helps you distinguish text data based on the emotion expressed in the text such as fear, anger, happiness, love, sadness, and more.
  • Tag & Train: Select and tag relevant text that appears to train the model. It will help the analysis model more be efficient in classifying text data with maximum accuracy.
  • Evaluate and Improve: Test and evaluate the accuracy of the trained emotion analysis model. Tag more data if needed to increase the accuracy and efficiency of the model.
  • Put your custom sentiment analytics to work: After you are done training and testing the model, use it to analyze complex text data. Upload textual data directly to BytesView or use the plugins to integrate the data. You can also integrate the BytesView API with your system.

Applications/Use Cases of Sentiment Analysis

Monitor brand and product reputation

Sentiment analysis is often used to analyze the opinions of users towards a brand or topic. Similarly, you can also use it to conduct a product analysis to provide the development teams with all the necessary information.

Analyze customer feedback data

Customer feedback data can transform into areas of focused improvement. Our Sentiment analyzer can help you extract value and insights from customer feedback data and plan effective strategies to enhance customer satisfaction.

Analyze social media conversations

Social media conversations are a treasure chest filled with valuable insights. Use sentiment analysis to analyze conversations related to your brand.

Market Trend Prediction

Analyze extensive market research data to identify emerging trends and to understand the buying behaviours of consumers with our sentiment analyzer.

Reduce Employee Churn Rate

Analyze large volumes of employee feedback data to examine employee satisfaction levels. Our sentiment analysis tool leverage the insights to increase morale and productivity

Analyze political opinions and polls

Compile and analyze large volumes of text data including news, social media, opinions, suggestions, to predict the outcome of the election with our sentiment analyzer.