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There are more than 450 million active Twitter users. Your company can thrive and grow on this platform. For many enterprises and businesses, gaining a following requires a great deal of time and effort. But it will become increasingly difficult to monitor your Twitter following’s growth over time.

Using Twitter’s built-in analytics, you can’t learn a lot about your following. Only the number of new Twitter followers you gain is included. You cannot track the fluctuations in your Twitter follower growth.

The fluctuations in your Twitter following cannot be tracked with this method. Therefore, determining which marketing methods are effective, what tweets have the most impact or why you are gaining and losing followers is challenging.

Keep track of your Twitter following to make sure you’re effectively controlling your audience’s growth. Keeping track of the growth of your Twitter following is something we’ll cover in this article. Let’s get started straight now.

Why it’s Important to Track Your Twitter Follower Growth?

The impact of your content strategy in terms of Twitter followers is an important indicator. If your strategy isn’t working, you’ll see a decline in your Twitter following, and vice-versa.

To avoid making the same mistakes, you can use this measure and identify which tactics are working and which ones aren’t. Increase your brand’s social media visibility and authority by implementing this strategy. Keeping tabs on industry leaders is also a great way to learn about their social media strategies and apply them to your own company’s growth.

It’s also possible that, regardless of how many people are following you, your level of interaction will remain the same. Inactive and fake accounts litter social media sites, and Twitter is no exception. You may see these accounts on your followers list, but they never interact.

Tracking Twitter Followers Has Its Perks

Examine and improve your published content

A person may have unfollowed or refused to follow you because of the content that you post on your social media accounts. Consider the tweets you sent when your rise in followers paused. Maintaining a high level of engagement and drawing in new followers is a primary goal of this tool.

The quality of your following should be examined

Analyzing the accounts that follow you on Twitter can reveal a lot about the quality of your followers. It is possible to see which of your Twitter followers are more likely to follow or interact with your profile on Twitter, for example. It is now possible to distinguish between an authentic and counterfeit follower count.

Find content topics that resonates with you

Link the rise and fall of your followers to the content you’ve posted. The more you know about your target audience, the better you can tailor your content to cater to their interests.

Another option is to look at the most popular tweets and media. It is possible to employ a variety of media to elicit participation, including videos, blogs, and current events articles. You could also consider using a free online video maker to create engaging video content that resonates with your followers. Create and post content that your audience will appreciate if you want them to return time and time again.

Determine the most efficient methods of marketing

Your marketing efforts and plan can be evaluated by keeping track of the number of new followers you get or lose. A low growth rate in followers indicates that the strategies employed are not successful in acquiring or maintaining consumers.

When performance indicators are high, the tactics are good and should continue to be used in the future to grow your audience.

Identify fake followers and influencers

Analyze and identify the people who have a significant impact on the outcome of events.

As a paid marketing strategy, using influencers to promote your business is one of the most effective. Using the “track Twitter followers” feature, you may observe which of your Twitter followers has a large following.

But note that not all influencers who interact with your brand can help you. “Fake influencers” are also on the hunt for companies to pay them for influencer marketing deals. You won’t gain any engagement, brand visibility, or conversions from these accounts because they don’t have a real fan base.

Before making an offer to an influencer, keep tabs on their Twitter development, assess their follower base, and determine their level of impact in your business. You may enhance your brand’s visibility, public perception, and sales by working with the right influencer.

FollowerAudit Lets You Track Twitter Follower Growth of Any User

Twitter Analytics provides some information regarding the growth of your Twitter following, however the information is very limited. In addition, you should always be on the watch for false accounts and automated bots, both of which are on the rise.


Track Twitter follower growth over time with FollowerAuditIt is possible to track the amount of followers of any public Twitter account with FollowerAudit. This tool can also be used to identify Twitter accounts that are either fake or inactive. As a bonus, it keeps track of how many followers a person has, making it easier to identify those who are prominent. Additional study into an influencer’s fan base can help you find the right partner.

FollowerAudit’s most beneficial features:

  • Monitor the increase in the number of Twitter followers over time.
  • An audit of bogus followers
  • Analyze your Twitter following Compare your Twitter following
  • Unfollower statistics
  • Identify those who have the power to influence others

The entry-level premium plan is $29.99 per month.

Wrapping Up

Twitter follower counts are an essential first step in developing a strategy to increase your Twitter following and social media exposure. Measuring Twitter follower growth with third-party solutions can help you better understand your audience and develop targeted marketing strategies. Your brand’s visibility will grow as a result of this strategy.

Why You Should Track Your Twitter Followers Growth Over Time
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Why You Should Track Your Twitter Followers Growth Over Time
Why You Should Track Your Twitter Followers Growth Over Time
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