Improve Staff Sentiment And Engagement By

Analyzing Employee Feedback via Bytesview

BytesView employee analysis tool is one of the simplest and most powerful ways to gain insights from unstructured text data. Get access to valuable employee insights to increase efficiency and morale.

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What is the Voice of Employee Solution?

Over 70% of executives say that staff sentiment and morale is crucial to ensure an organization's success. If the employees are not happy then it has a direct impact on an organization's performance.

What is Voice of Employees? Negative staff sentiment result in a bad customer experience which cause over $62 billion yearly revenue loss in the US itself.

Bytesview's voice of employees analysis solution gathers and analyzes large volumes of text data in form of employee feedback, survey, review etc and provides useful statistics with actionable insights which help you make data-driven decisions that can improve employee sentiment, morale and productivity. 69% of employees say they would work harder if they were better appreciated.

How does the voice of employee analysis work?

Gather the Employee Feedback Data

BytesView employee analysis tool can help you gather employee reviews, feedback, and suggestions from multiple channels and compile it on a single platform.

  • Collect employee feedback from multiple sources such as Glassdoor, Indeed, Google reviews, surveys, etc
  • Compile all information into a single CSV file or Google spreadsheet
  • You can also collect and upload data through third-party scraping tools
Gather the employee feedback data
voc analyze the data
Analyze the Data

After you integrate the data, start analyzing it by choosing from our various machine learning models. The models include:

  • Perform employee sentiment analysis to research staff sentiments, feedback, opinions, etc to help increase efficiency and morale
  • Automate tagging of employee feedback data from multiple sources for analysis
  • Identify recurring topics, issues, suggestions, etc to improve overall productivity of the employees with our voice of employee analysis tool
Present the Data

Intuitive and easy to navigate analytical dashboard. Get a comprehensive overview of all the statistical insights with our employee analysis tool.

  • Various insights to help examine employees suggestions, issues, and opinions complied from various sources.
  • Intuitive visualization dashboard with comprehensive insights for easy interpretation of employee data.
  • Use our employee analysis tool to get precise analytical and graphical insights.
voc present the data
voc Export the output
Export the Output

Download the statistical insights from the analytical dashboard into a PDF file is only a few clicks away with our employee analysis tool.

  • Extract all the statistical insights from the analytical dashboard in a shareable PDF file
  • Voice of employee analysis makes sharing your results so much easier.
  • Share it with your peers and colleagues to make collective data-driven decisions.