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What is the Voice of Customers?

Voice of the Customer describes the customer’s sentiment, feedback, opinion, and expectations for your products or services. It helps you understand how your customers feel, connect and perceive your brand.

Voice of customer analysis can seem intimidating, which it is. however, Positive customer sentiment can increase revenue by 4-8% and the lifetime value of a customer by 6-14x. Poor customer sentiment results in a loss of over $83 billion in the US alone.

Text analysis tools, like aspect-based sentiment-analysis solutions, can automatically gather and analyze customer data and can save cost to a large extent.

Bytesview’s voice of customers analytics solution can help you collect and analyze large volumes of customer data from various customer data platforms, feedback, reviews, complaints, etc, and give you valuable insights for customer sentiment analysis and better customer management.

It provides comprehensive insights that can help you transform customer feedback into sources of focused improvement for your business.

The data-driven voice of customer analytics is proven to increase customer life-cycle value & lower customer churn. great customer experience can help you increase the lifetime value of a customer and increase the retention rate by nearly 55%. With customer sentiment analyses, you can capture subjective information to understand your customers better.

How to access Voice of Customer solution?

Gather the Customer Feedback Data

BytesView’s data collection software can help you collect customer reviews,feedback, complaints, suggestions, etc from multiple sources and compile it onto a single platform.

  • Collect Multi-channel customer data with the help of our data collection tool.
  • Compile all data into a single CSV file or Google spreadsheet
  • You can also collect data through third-party data compiling tools.
Gather the employee feedback data
Integrate customer data with bytesview

Integrate Customer Data with BytesView

Integrate customer data with the BytesView platform to start analyzing. Following are the ways to integrate the data:

  • Directly upload the Excel/CSV file on the BytesView platform
  • Install BytesView plugin for Google spreadsheets or Zendesk
  • Get direct access to the BytesView API by creating a demo account or purchasing a subscription plan and incorporate it with plugin or into your system through API key.

Analyze the customer Data

After you integrate the customer data with BytesView, you can begin analyzing it by choosing various machine learning models.

  • Perform customer sentiment analysis /Opinion mining on complex customer feedback data and extract valuable insights
  • Use intent detection to automatically classify consumer queries and improve response rate
  • Categorize customer requests with keyword extractor with our customer analytics tool.
Analyze the customer data
Present the data

Present the Data

After analyzing the data you can get a comprehensive overview of the data on BytesView’s intuitive analytical dashboard .

  • Monitor customer issues, suggestions, complaints, etc
  • Our customer analytics tool provides tailored statistical insights to improve decision making at every level of the business
  • Feedback analysis gives a clear view of issues you need to address
  • Identify positive reviews and references for marketing purposes

You can also present it on any BI tools and customize it according to your need.

Export the Output

You can export all the valuable statistical insights from the analytical dashboard in a PDF file. The customer analytics tool helps you keep track of performance metrics over time and shares it with managers and colleagues for collective decision making.

  • Export all analytical dashboard statistics into a PDF report.
  • Export data with just a few clicks with our customer analysis tool.
  • Our customer analytics tool lets you measure customer satisfaction levels at specific time intervals.
export the output

Benefits of a Voice of Customer solution

Know what your customers want

You may think your product is good, but does that mean your customers would like it too. Knowing their feedback takes out the risk of speculations and lets you know what they actually want.

Listen what your customers are talking about your product through survey, social media etc. and take actions accordingly.

know what your customers want
Improve Customer Loyalty

Improve customer loyalty

Reduce the cost of acquiring customers by increasing retention rate with insights from customer feedback. Positive customer sentiment can increase revenue and the lifetime value of a customer immensely.

Improve customer loyalty by acknowledging their queries and suggestions, and resolving them as soon as possible.

Improve Marketing Efficiency

Analyze large volumes of employee feedback data to examine employee satisfaction levels. Our sentiment analysis tool leverages the insights to reduce employee churn rate.

Keeping your customer happy is the ultimate form of marketing any organization can perform. With each satisfied customer you get a opportunity to spread your business with word of mouth publicity

Increase employee productivity
product innovation

Product innovation

Products are constantly evolving and VoC benefits help businesses stay on top of things. When companies understand what their customers want, need, or don’t like about the company’s products, they constantly think about how it can offer customers a better experience to increase profits.


Marketing is tightly knit with customer experience. Voice of customer analysis allows a company to view its product from a customer’s perspective. In this way, an enterprise understands what the customers like or dislike about a product and comes up with ways to improve customer experience.


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