Feature Extraction Text Analytics Solution

Use AI to automatically detect and classify important subsets of features from unstructured text data from any industry.

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Feature Extraction Text Analytics Explained

Feature extraction is the process of identifying and extracting product aspects from extensive volumes of textual data. Dissect comments, reviews, social media posts, opinions, news, etc to identify features conveyed in the text. Use feature extraction to cut through the noise and convert research data into game-changing insights.

BytesViews’s advanced feature extraction solution can analyze large volumes of text data and detect features along with related insights. Compare various products to examine how similar they are. Perform market research or compare your product features with your competitors.

Feature Extraction Text Analytics Technical Specifications

Technical Specification of feature extraction text analytics

The feature extraction solution will compile and analyze large quantities of text data. It will then extract all features of a product/service or classify several products based on features. Upload data directly on the platform or use the dedicated plugins to automate the text extraction process. Analyze the number of occurrences of any feature or capture context and semantics of words for more accurate results.

How to access BytesView Feature Extraction Solution

Given below are the steps to access the BytesView feature extraction API. Compile text data into Excel/CSV file and upload it directly on our platform, or let BytesView do it for you.

  • Gather large volumes of unstructured textual data from multiple sources for text extraction.
  • Compile the unstructured text data in an Excel/CSV file
  • Purchase a premium plan and install BytesView plug-ins to integrate data with our analytics platform.
  • Get unrestricted access to all the features including BytesView API after purchasing a premium plan. Enter the API key to initiate the plugins for easy data integration.
  • Choose from our various analytical models to analyze data or train a custom text extraction model with data specific to your industry or organization.
  • For further details on feature extraction, go through the video.
access feature extraction

How to Train and Build a Custom Feature Extraction Model

Get access to BytesView feature extraction API and integrate it with your system to build custom text extraction models. Following are the steps to train a custom analysis model.

build custom feature extraction
  • Upload Data: To integrate data upload the Excel/CSV file on the platform or install the dedicated plugins.
  • Define Tags: After integrating the data, define tags/features for data classification. It will help you extract features from textual data.
  • Tag & Train: Tag similar pieces of text to train the relevant tags. This will help the feature extraction model analyze and extract texts that apply in the specified context.
  • Evaluate and Improve: Analyze the accuracy of your custom text extraction model. If the accuracy is not up to the mark, tag more data to train your model.
  • Put Your Custom Analysis Model to Work: Implement your custom trained text extraction model and automate the process of extracting features from textual data. Get access to our feature extraction API and integrate it with your system to increase productivity.

Applications/ Use Cases of Feature Extraction

Feature Detection

Automate identifying and extracting features from large volumes of text data and create a summary of all unique features or a combination of features with our text extraction solution.

Business Intelligence

Creating a product and hoping that consumers will like it is no longer an option. Brands and marketers need to understand the needs of their target audience. Use text extraction to gain valuable insights and create products with a compelling set of features.

Cluster Analysis

Analyze large volumes of data with ease and identify all features. Crete different groups of features by clustering similar or related features. Identify new product features or new segments of customers and develop more personalized and appealing products with text extraction.