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What is Social Media Monitoring ?

Social media is a virtual goldmine of customer data and user experience stories. The sheer volume of data present on social media can be overwhelming. Social media monitoring entails keeping an eye on your brand’s mentions online and responding to any engagement around it. Great customer experience stories and conversations can help you promote your brand and build trust.

It can increase sales and revenue by nearly 8% and the lifetime value of the customer by almost 14x. Whereas, poor customer experiences result in losses of over $83 billion in the US alone.

BytesView is an AI-driven social media monitoring and text analysis tool which comes with media tracking analytics features that can gather and analyze large volumes of social media data with great accuracy.

Our social media monitoring solution can collect and compile complex abbreviations, hashtags, slang, and poor grammar text into structured data. You can further analyze the complex social media data to gain valuable insights related to your product, brands, organization, or services, which makes it better for gathering data and reporting results than replying to your social media mentions.

How to access Social Media Monitoring solution?

Gather the Data

BytesView is an effective and precise tool that can help you gather social media posts and conversations related to your brand, product, service,organization, user experience, etc.

  • For social media analysis gather data from multiple channels such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, etc.
  • Compile all social posts into an Excel/CSV file or Google Spreadsheet
  • Gather and upload data collected by third-party data gathering tools
Gather the employee feedback data
Integrate customer data with bytesview

Integrate the Social Media Data with BytesView

After collecting the data into an Excel/CSV file, or Google Spreadsheet, you have to integrate it with the BytesView platform to perform a in-depth social media analysis. Following are the ways:

  • Upload the Excel/CSV file directly to the BytesView platform
  • Install BytesView plugin for Google Spreadsheets to integrate social media data
  • Get access to BytesView API and incorporate it with your system

Analyze the Social Media Data

After uploading the social media data with BytesView, you can start analyzing by choosing from our various text analysis models.

  • Analyze large volumes of complex social media data
  • Analyze sentiments, reviews, opinions, feedback, etc of users
  • Analyze hashtags, complex dialects, and acronyms with our social media analysis tool.
Analyze the customer data
Present the data

Present the Data

Intuitive and easy to interpret analytical dashboard that offers a comprehensive summary of the analyzed data with valuable statistical insights.

  • Social media monitoring helps you monitor and analyze customer issues and complaints from multiple channels to increase response time and enhance user experience.
  • Track valuable customer suggestions for product development clues or to enhance user experience
  • Track key performance metrics to measure growth with our social media analysis.

Export the Output

Download all insightful statistics from the analytical insights from the analytical dashboard in a PDF report.

  • Extract all analytical dashboard metrics in an easy to share PDF report
  • Our social media analysis tool helps you extract all analytical findings with just a few clicks
  • Compare social media metrics over time and measure growth
export the output

Benefits of a Social Media Monitoring Solution

Listening to your customers

Social media monitoring helps you peak into the thoughts of your customers without actually having to ask them. It can help you by giving you an ear on any social media handles in which your brand is mentioned. This will help you identify easily when you’re doing something right, but also help you figure out what areas require improvements.

Listening to your customers
Preventing PR crisis

Preventing PR crisis

When your business grows, the probability of negative press also increases. It could be on social media, any forum, or even a blog, any negative statement can quickly turn into a reputation ruining PR crisis if not properly contained.

Using a social media monitoring tool will help you prevent and minimize effect it will have on your brand’s reputation.

Monitoring your competition

Social media monitoring tool helps you with insights about your competition and how they are interacting with their customers. When customers openly voice their opinion about your competition, you can study it to locate areas of improvement and also any shortcomings they have might become your strategic edge in the future.

Monitoring your competition
Improve Your Product

Improve your Product

Your product teams feed off consumer intelligence. they want to know everything about your customers-what they like, what they don’t, their drivers, and their desires.

With social media monitoring software, you are able to deep dive into what consumers are saying and really unpick what it is that you should be developing.

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