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What is Semantic Similarity?

Semantic similarity is the process of analyzing multiple sentence structures to identify similarities between them.

It analyzes how close words are in two sentences along with the likeliness of two sentence structures having similar meaning.One of the widely used applications of semantic similarities are content recommender systems.

Bytesview's advanced semantic similarity solution can analyze large volumes of text data to detect similar sentence structures.

Compare various documents to examine how similar their words are with semantic analysis. Extract documents or content with similar meaning and text structures.

Semantic Similarity Demo

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BytesView Semantic Similarity Technical Specifications

Technical Specification of sentiment Analysis
Deployment Availability
BytesView Server
BytesView Cloud
Amazon Web Server
Google Spreadsheet
Zendesk(Coming Soon)
Supported Languages
Specific Semantic Similarity Model Developed For
Customized solution as per your need

How can your Business Benefit From a Semantic Similarity tool?

Duplicate Document Detection

Detect duplicate documents with ease, reduce labor, and increase efficiency. With our semantic analysis you can detect plagiarism even when the sentences/words are moved and modified.

Duplicate Document Detection
Related Term Generation

Related Term Generation

Easily identify similar company or product names with Semantic analysis. Analyze competitive product features to examine similarities between products and services offered in the industry

Bio-medical Informatics

Use semantic similarity to develop biomedical ontologies namely gene ontology. Compare genes used in other bio-entries and examine documents related to your research.

Bio-medical Informatics

How to access BytesView Semantic Similarity Tool?

Given below are the steps to access the BytesView Semantic Similarity API. You can either gather the data by yourself in an excel/CSV format or ask us to do so.

  • Gather pieces of text and documents from multiple sources
  • Compile the gathered text data in an Excel/CSV file or Google spreadsheet
  • Install the BytesView plugins on Google spreadsheet and open the add-ons tab to locate it.
  • Create a demo account or Purchase a subscription plan that suits your requirements and get an API key.
  • Paste the given API key on the BytesView plugin to activate it
  • Select the cells you want to analyze and the machine learning model you want to use. Click run to start analyzing your data.
  • For more information on semantic similarity models, go through the video.
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