Gender Detection & Classification Solution

Detect and classify the gender of a large number of names within a few minutes. Detect the gender of the names in multiple languages with our name gender classifier.

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Gender Detection & Classification Explained

BytesViews's name gender classifier combines machine learning algorithms with advanced text processing features to detect and classify Names based on their gender. Identify the gender of your customers or followers with guaranteed accuracy and leverage the insights to plan successful marketing campaigns based on the gender of your target audience.

Analyze extensive lists of existing and prospective customers and classify your target audience with advanced gender detection and classification techniques. Knowing your target audience is essential to building effective targeted marketing campaigns.

Gender Detection & Classification Technical Specifications

Technical Specification of gender detection

The gender detection and classification solution from BytesView can classify extensive lists of existing and prospective customer names. Dissect customer data compiled from multiple sources and classify your target audience’s gender. Easily incorporate user data with dedicated plug-ins or train custom gender classification models. Our name gender classifier can identify the gender of users by analyzing names from multiple regions and languages.

How to access BytesView Gender Detection & Classification

Given below are the steps to access the BytesView gender detection API. Compile text data into Excel/CSV file and upload it directly on our platform, or let BytesView do it for you.

  • Gather the names of all existing, prospective, and unsatisfied customers from multiple sources for gender classification.
  • Compile the collected text data in an Excel/CSV file.
  • Buy a premium plan and install BytesView plug-ins.
  • You will be able to access all of our features including the Gender API after purchasing the premium plan. To activate the plugins, enter the API key.
  • Choose a gender classification model or build and train your own customized model after activating the API key.
  • Go through the video for more information on name gender classifier.
access gender detection

How to train and build custom gender detection models ?

Get access to BytesView Gender API and integrate it with your system to build custom gender detection and classification models. Following are the steps to build a custom trained model.

build custom gender detection models
  • Upload Data: Upload the Excel/CSV text data file on the BytesView platform or use the dedicated plugins for Google spreadsheet and Zendesk to integrate the data.
  • Define Tags: After you integrate the data, define tags to classify text data. It will help in identifying and classifying text based on intent.
  • Tag & Train: After integrating the data tag text data with relevant tags expressed in the text. It will help the name gender classifier attain maximum accuracy.
  • Evaluate and Improve: Analyze and assess the accuracy of your custom gender classification model. To further improve accuracy, train your gender classification model by tagging more data related to your business to increase accuracy.
  • Put Your Custom Gender classification Model to Work: Automate analyzing and classifying textual data with your custom trained model. Directly upload text data or use the dedicated plugins to integrate text data. Get access to our Gender API and integrate it with your system to simplify the gender detection process.

Applications/ Use Cases of Gender Detection

Gender Classification for Advertising

It is essential to know your target audience to develop an effective advertising strategy. Use gender detection to classify your consumer-base and plan advertising strategies accordingly.

Gender-Based Product Segmentation

It's possible that your product appeals to all gender classes. But it is also possible that the share of one gender is far more than the other. Use gender classification to classify product segments that appeal to all gender classes.

Customer Relationship Management

Who is your target audience? What is their gender? What are their needs? Answer these questions with our name gender classifier and implement measures to establish long-term relations with your customers.