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What is Market and Competitive Intelligence Solution ?

One of the most impressive applications of text analytics is market research. It can be hard to analyze text data manually, yet analyst need to dissect large volumes of text data to gain actionable intelligence for competitive market analysis.

Text analytics solutions can help you analyze large volumes of research data with uncover comprehensive insights.

BytesView’s market intelligence solution can help you collect and analyze large volumes of unstructured text data associated with your industry. Dissect concrete semantic relations through subjects, uncover market-moving insights for your specific requirements.

Improve efficiency by not having to manually analyze various types of unstructured marketing data with guaranteed accuracy.

How to access Market and Competitive Intelligence solution?

Gather Unstructured Market Data

BytesView is an efficient tool that can help you compile news, posts from social media platforms, forums related to your industry on a single platform.

  • Collect market intelligence data from multiple sources such as forums, review sites, social media channels, or data related to your industry (competitors, suppliers, regulators, etc)
  • Gather all unstructured data into an Excel/CSV file
  • You can also compile the data using third-party data scraping tools
Gather the employee feedback data
Integrate customer data with bytesview

Integrate Data with BytesView

After you collect the data into an Excel/CSV file or Google spreadsheet, integrate the data with the BytesView system. Following are the ways:

  • Upload the Excel/CSV file on the BytesView platform
  • Install the BytesView plugin for Google spreadsheets or Zendesk(coming soon) to integrate and analyze data
  • Get direct access to BytesView API and integrate it with your system

Select the Analysis Model

After you integrate the market and competitor data with BytesView, choose from the various data analysis models that suits your requirements and start analyzing.

  • Topic extractor to help you identify keywords in any piece of text and classify documents accordingly
  • Deep categorization to analyze complex text data and interpret the deep meaning behind it
  • Sentiment analysis to weigh the opinions of users towards any brand, product, or service.
  • Text clustering to classify textual data with predefined keywords
Analyze the customer data
Present the data

Present the Output

Access BytesView’s intuitive analytical dashboard to get a comprehensive overview of the analyzed data.

  • Identify recurring and popular topics related to your industry to help make data-driven decisions.
  • Identify meaningful semantic relationships across multiple topics and understand the deep meaning behind any piece of text
  • Uncover actionable competitive insights to help you outclass your competitors

Export the Data

Extract all the perceptive statistical data from the analytical dashboard into a PDF file.

  • Export dashboard statistics into a PDF file
  • Download BytesView dashboard data with a few clicks
  • Leverage insights to gain a competitive edge
export the output

Benefits of a Market and Competitive Intelligence Solution

Predict Future Trends

In today’s market, foresight is a form of competitive edge that can guide your businesses through the improvements it can make in order to stay relevant in such a environment. By analyzing all the market research data we give predictive insights into emerging trends in your specific industry, and any future innovation or disruption that might happen.

Predict Future Trends
Data Driven Decision-Making

Data Driven Decision-Making

Data driven analysis takes out any speculation in the process of decision making. You business can take a real look at your strengths, weaknesses and any gaps you might have. This will help you re-prioritize your efforts and financial commitments in a much more effective manner. Doing this in the long run will improve the return on investments

Anticipating your competition’s move

Our intelligence solution will provide you with insights that will allows you to anticipate your competitors next move. We will provide you with all the necessary information to keep track of competitors, it will help you save time and money, which you can then use to focus on your own business.

Anticipating your competition’s move
streamline workflow and decision making

Streamline Workflow and Decision making

Effectively create and share the actionable insights you need to make decisions with our customizable workflow tools, integrated and expert analytics.

Defend from Competitors and Disruptors

Identify, evaluate, and respond to competitors' and emerging disruptors with real-time monitoring and expert insight into their financial performance, R&D strategies, products, and M&A activities.

defend business competition.png

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