Keyword Extraction Text Analytics Solution

Gather and analyze large volumes of textual data from multiple sources. Extract relevant information with the help of our advanced keyword extraction tool.

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Keyword Extraction Text Analytics Explained

Keyword extraction also known as keyword detection is a machine learning technique that can help you automate the identification and extraction of relevant information from unstructured text data. Summarize the contents in textual data and key topics of discussion.

BytesView's efficient keyword extraction tool can analyze unstructured text including customer feedback, emails, surveys, social media posts, etc. Pre-define tags to identify topical content, business intelligence, customer opinions, and recurring tickets. Build and train custom keyword extraction models with data specific to your organization and increase accuracy.

Keyword Extraction & Analytics Technical Specifications

Technical Specification of keyword extraction

The keyword extraction tool can dissect complex unstructured text data collected from multiple sources. Extract relevant and related information from large volumes of text data. Analyze and summarize the contents from unstructured text data and identify the most discussed topics important to you.

How to Access BytesView Keyword Extraction Solution

Given below are the steps to access BytesView's keyword extraction API. Compile text data into Excel/CSV file and upload it directly on our platform, or let BytesView do it for you.

  • Gather large volumes of unstructured text data from multiple sources for the keyword extraction tool.
  • Compile the unstructured textual data in an Excel/CSV file.
  • Purchase a premium BytesView plan that suits your requirements and install the plug-ins for easy integration of data with our platform.
  • Get access to the BytesView API, after purchasing a premium plan. Enter the API key to activate the plugins and simplify integrating textual data.
  • Choose from our various text analysis models or build and train a custom model with data related to your industry for better accuracy.
  • For more details on keyword extraction, go through the video.
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How to Train and Build Custom Keyword Extraction Models

Get access to BytesView API an integrate it with your system to build custom keyword extraction models. Following are the steps to train a custom analysis model.

build custom sentiment analysis
  • Upload Data: Install the plugins and activate them to integrate data with our analytics platform.
  • Define Tags: After you integrate the data, define specific tags to extract relevant and related keywords from unstructured text.
  • Tag & Train: Tag appropriate keywords with predefined tags. This will help the model identify and extract relevant information from complex unstructured text.
  • Evaluate and Improve: Test the accuracy of your keyword extraction model. If the results are not precise, tag more tag data to train your model.
  • Put Your Custom Analysis Model to Work: Use your custom trained model to extract important information and insights from unstructured text.