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Integrate Bytesview's advanced ticket tagging solution to enhance your Zendesk experience. Automatically tag all incoming tickets using text analysis models.

About Zendesk Integration

Zendesk is an incredible cloud-based helpdesk solution that includes tools to establish an online, knowledge base and customer service portal.

It includes a front-end portal that can be customised, live chat features, and integration with Salesforce and Google Analytics. It is regarded as a necessity in today's highly competitive environment.

BytesView's ticket tagging solution can help you improve that experience by analysing customer queries based on sentiment, emotions, and keywords, allowing your support teams to be better prepared for all the customer interactions.

It can assist you in analysing customer support data from your Zendesk account and provide valuable insights to help your support teams be more efficient.

How to Integrate BytesView with Zendesk ?

Given below is the procedure to integrate the bytesview’s ticket tagging solution with your Zendesk account.

Install the Bytesview Application

To integrate the Bytesview Ticket Tagging solution with your Zendesk account, simply visit the zendesk marketplace and click install.

After installation is completed, the bytesview icon will appear in your zendesk window.

Install Bytesview Application
Insert Bytesview Api Key

Insert the API Key to gain access

You will receive an API key to connect the bytesview integration to your Zendesk account and access our text analysis models.

To begin the process, simply enter the API key into the bytesview window and click activate.

Choose the Custom Ticket Fields

Select the Ticket Fields to Tag Automatically by first selecting a model from your bytesview integration in the left column, followed by the ticket field you want that model to output to in the right column.

You can choose from a list of previously created ticket fields or create a new one if necessary.

Custom Ticket Field
Activate Bytesview integration

Activate the integration

Bytesview will instantly start to tag all tickets in accordance with the previously specified configuration when integration is active. You can easily go back and change the configuration field if necessary.

The model will only work on new tickets generated after the integration is activated.

Benefits of Bytesview Ticket Tagging Solution

Better Customer Experience

The Bytesview ticket tagging solution not only aids your support staff in better comprehending the topic and sentiment but also the emotion underlying the customer's query. By automatically tagging tickets in real-time, the integration helps you be more efficient in communicating with the customer.

Improved customer interaction aids in the formation of a sense of understanding in the minds of customers, thereby increasing their loyalty.

Better Customer Experience
Reduce Response Time

Reduce Response Time

With bytesview ticket tagging solution your support agents can easily identify which requests need to be resolved first based on the sentiment and query of the customer. This improves the productivity of agents, reduces space for human error and speeds of ticket response time.

This enables your company to prioritise treatment of at-risk clients instead of a satisfied one, and therefore to increase customer retention.

Build Customized Report

Bytesview's ticket tagging solution allows you to add context to tickets by analysing them against new criteria such as customer sentiment, emotions, or mentioned keywords. This has a significant impact on your reporting because it allows you to create customised, more comprehensive reports.

You can also get a more detailed and personalised picture of your areas for improvement.

Build Customized Report

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