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Bytesview integrates with over 1000 apps through Zapier, allowing all text workflow tasks to be automated with ease.

About Zapier Integration

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without any need for coding or the involvement of developers.

It acts as a bridge between two or more apps, allowing you to connect your favourite apps online via triggers and actions.

Bytesview makes it simple to create a process for automatically classifying or extracting text and training a model to manage all of your text processing needs.

With our text analysis models, you can identify sentiments, emotions, and keywords in your text data, as well as create a custom model based on your specific requirements.

How Zapier Workflow Automation Works?

Make a new Zap

A Zap is an automated workflow that connects your apps. To make your own zap you must first create a free account with zapier.

Just go to the dashboard and click on “make a zap” or create a workflow of your own.

Every Zap contains a trigger and at least one action. A Zap is started by a trigger, and an action is what your Zap will do.

make a new Zap
Set up a Trigger

Set up a Trigger

Select an app as your trigger which will start your Zap. You'll can find apps you use most often, as well as many other popular apps.

You can choose one of these options or search for the app you want to use in the search bar.

Following that, you'll be required to pick a trigger event. That's the event in your trigger app that tells Zapier to initiate your Zap.

Specify and Action

The action is the “carry out” part of your zap as they are the event you want your Zap to carry out after your trigger happens.

Same as your trigger, select your action application by clicking the dropdown menu and searching for your app.

Choose an action event in the second dropdown menu After you've configured your action, click on test and review to activate your zap

Specify An Action

How to Integrate BytesView with Zapier ?

Given below is the procedure to integrate the bytesview with any application you want using zapier.

Make a new Zap

Make a new Zap

After you have created an account on zapier click on the “make a zap” button or create a workflow by selecting 2 applications you want to connect.

Choose a Trigger Application

Choose a trigger application and specify a trigger event to start your zap. For example, if you chose the gmail app as your trigger application, you can set the trigger event to "new email."

Set up your trigger by specifying the trigger section. If you select gmail, you can select from inbox, draft, chat, and send, among other options.

Test your trigger and press "continue".

Set up a Trigger
Add Bytesview to Zapier

Add Bytesview to your Zap

Select Bytesview from the search results in order to integrate it with your trigger application.

This will activate bytesview whenever your trigger event is initiated. Give your Zap a name so it can be easily identified on your dashboard

Specify an Action Event

As your action event, you can choose from a variety of bytesview text analysis models.

You have the option of using sentiment analysis, emotion analysis, keyword extraction, or creating a custom model tailored to your specific data.

Specify an Action Event
Insert API Key

Insert the API Key

To continue, you must enter an API key in order for the integration to work. To gain access to one, create an account or connect with the bytesview team.

After that, you must choose a specific text input that our app will use for text processing.

Activate the integration by turning on the zap.

Show your Results

After you've activated your zap, you'll need to create an additional action to save and display the output.

To add a new action, click the plus sign below.

Choose a programme where you can present your application. For instance, you can choose Google Spreadsheet as your preferred application for it.

Show Bytesview Result in Zapier
Set up Action

Set Up Action

Choose or create a spreadsheet in your google drive in order to create a landing space for your results.

Specify the spreadsheet, worksheet , and create and select labels in that sheet in order to classify your results.

After activation your results will start to show up in your selected space whenever the trigger event will take place.

Edit and create New Zaps

Add or modify an existing application by selecting new triggers and actions to create a zap that is best suited to your needs.

Integrate bytesview text analysis with over 1000 applications.

Edit and Create New Zaps

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