Enhance your Google Sheets with our Text Analysis Plug-in

Use Bytesview's text analysis plug-in to make the most of your Google Sheet tasks and perform text and sentiment analysis on a large scale.

About Google Sheet Integration

Google Sheets is a free, web-based spreadsheet program offered by Google which allows users to edit, organize,and analyze different types of information.

It allows collaborations, and multiple users can edit and format files in real-time, and any changes made to the spreadsheet can be tracked by a revision history.

BytesView's text analysis solution can assist you in enhancing your google sheets by analysing text data on a greater scale and with improved efficiency.

Our various text analytics and machine learning models, such as sentiment analysis, emotion analysis, keyword extraction, and many more, can assist you in minimizing your manual efforts

How to Integrate BytesView with Google Sheets?

Given below is the procedure to integrate the bytesview text analysis model with google spreadsheet.

Open Google Sheet

Create a new google sheet or open an existing sheet which includes the text data that you want to analyze.

Click on the “add-on” button and search “bytesview” in the google workspace marketplace.

Open Google Sheet
Install BytesView Add on

Install the BytesView add-on

Install the BytesView app from the Google Marketplace to add it to your spreadsheet.

Google will prompt you for the necessary permissions in order for you to use the add-on with your Google account.

Insert API Key

You will be provided with an API key that will allow you to connect the bytesview integration to your Google Sheets and access our text analysis models.

To begin, simply enter the API key into the bytesview window and press the "submit" button.

Insert the bytesview API key in google sheets
Analyse Google Sheet data with BytesView

Analyse your data

Select the model you wish to use from the dropdown menu on the BytesView tab.

Choose the "Active range" to start from the first column or specify a column range to select the data for analysis.

Click "Run" to process the data you have selected. The results will be displayed in a new column to the right or in any other column you specify.

Show your Result

After you click on "Run", your results will start to show up.

Add more data or choose different models to analyze data and gain valuable insights.

Show Result of Analysed Data with BytesView

Benefits of Bytesview Text Analysis Solution

Minimize human effort

Text analysis is a simple process, but doing so on a large scale can quickly become monotonous and prone to error and bias.

By integrating bytesview text analysis models into your Google Sheets, you can reduce the amount of manual effort required to analyse text data and do so much more effectively.

Minimize human effort
Improve Decision Making

Improve decision making

Text analysis on a large scale can also assist your company in identifying patterns or trends and gaining insights that can be used to make data-driven decisions.

Our text analysis models can assist you in identifying new opportunities to improve and tailoring your services or products to the expectations of your customers.

Build Customized Report

Bytesview's text analysis solution adds context to your text data by analysing it against criteria such as sentiment, emotions, and mentioned keywords, among others.

This has a significant impact on your reporting because it allows you to create more customised, in-depth reports.

Build Customized Report

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