Integrate Text Analytics in Restaurants & Food Services

Analyze unstructured customer support and feedback data. Make data-driven decisions to increase business, drive repeat sales and enhance support experience.

Text Analytics for Restaurant & Food Services

Restaurants are eager to implement new technologies to provide better and more personalized services. Text analytics is one of the most sought-after solutions. Over 80% of the total information is available in unstructured text. Text analytics can help you live upto the customers' expectations by analyzing extensive volumes of text data with ease.

BytesView’s advanced machine learning techniques can dissect and interpret insights from large volumes of unstructured text. Analyze customer feedback from various sources to identify strengths and areas of improvement. Identify new trends, understand what your customers like, and what they don’t. Evaluate the various aspects of a restaurant that enhance the overall user experience.

Text Analytics Product Portfolio for Restaurants & Food Services

topic labelling icon

Topic labeling

Analyze unstructured feedback from multiple sources and identify key topics of discussion related to your business.

Intent Detection icon

Intent Detection

Analyze support data or incoming tickets and identify the intent of the author. Identify purchase intent, complaints as well as queries and provide solutions with greater efficiency.

gender detection icon

Gender Detection

Analyzing your target audience is essential to developing effective marketing strategies. Identify the gender of your audience and provide personalized services.

Semantic Similarities

Semantic Similarities

Dissect and interpret large volumes of unstructured text and identify the similarities between the services offered in the industry.

Sentiment Analysis Icon

Sentiment Analysis

Crowdsource reviews and analyze them with text analytics to dissect the sentiments, opinions, reviews, and suggestions of your customers.

Emotion Analysis Icon

Emotion Analysis

Analyze customer reviews to identify the emotions expressed in the text. Identify happy and unsatisfied customers. Analyze the life-time value of customers.

Feature Extraction Icon

Feature Extraction

Extract market and competitive intelligence from unstructured text. Analyze reviews to understand customer expectations or get competitive insights to grow your business.

Keyword Extraction Icon

Keyword Extraction

Automate extraction of business and competitive intelligence from unstructured text. Analyze feedback data and uncover valuable insights.

Entity Extraction Icon

Entity Extraction

Research your competitors. Analyze their services with entity extraction. Extract competitive restaurant aspects from the unstructured text for competitive advantage.