Simplify Market Research with Text Analytics

Simplify gathering and compiling unstructured research data. Analyze textual data with ease and derive game-changing insights to grow your business.

Text Analytics for Market Research

Market research is an important aspect of strategic planning. But analyzing loads of textual manually is too-time consuming and inefficient. Text analytics solutions can help you gather and analyze unstructured text data from multiple sources. Extract valuable market intelligence from text data to make informed decisions that will grow your brand.

BytesView's comprehensive text analytics solutions can help you compile and analyze loads of unstructured textual data with little effort. Identify rising and falling market trends, get competitive and audience insights, analyze customer responses, etc. Automate data gathering and analysis with advanced machine techniques and boost your business towards success.

Text Analytics Product Portfolio for Market Research

topic labelling icon

Topic labeling

Identify trending content topics along with conversations related to your brands or your competitors.

Intent Detection icon

Intent Detection

Analyze extensive volumes of feedback data to identify customers with purchase intent and increase the flow of leads for your sales teams.

gender detection icon

Gender Detection

Get to know who your target audience. Identify the gender of your audience and develop personalized products for the end-user.

Semantic Similarities

Semantic Similarities

Use semantic similarities to identify similarities between products in the industry. Use the insights to develop products that stand-out.

Sentiment Analysis Icon

Sentiment Analysis

Analyze the review, opinions, and suggestions from your customers. Analyze the unstructured feedback data to extract game-changing insights.

Emotion Analysis Icon

Emotion Analysis

Analyze textual data to understand the emotions expressed by the customers in any piece of text.

Feature Extraction Icon

Feature Extraction

Extract market and competitive intelligence from unstructured text. Analyze reviews to understand customer expectations or get competitive insights to grow your business.

Keyword Extraction Icon

Keyword Extraction

Automate extraction of business and competitive intelligence from unstructured text. Analyze feedback data and uncover valuable insights.

Entity Extraction Icon

Entity Extraction

Research your competitors. Analyze their services with entity extraction. Extract competitive aspects from unstructured text for competitive advantage.