Text Analytics for Banking & Financial Services

Analyze large volumes of semi-structured and unstructured text data. Identify business opportunities, predict risk, and gain competitive advantage.

Text Analytics in Financial Services

The financial sector involves, banking, credit, insurance, investing, mergers & acquisitions, trading markets, etc. The day to day functions involve producing and consuming large volumes of unstructured text data from multiple sources. Advanced text analytics solutions can help you make data-driven decisions in the financial market.

BytesView’s advanced text analytics solution can help you recover and analyze large volumes of unstructured text data from multiple sources. Transform extensive volumes of text data and turn it into business intelligence. Predict and manage risk, make data-driven decisions and keep your customers happy and overcome your competitors.

Text Analytics Product Portfolio for Financial Services

topic labelling icon

Topic labeling

Analyzed text data to identify the emerging topics to identify rising and falling trends in the financial market.

Intent Detection icon

Intent Detection

Analyze unstructured text related to customer interactions and identify intent. Direct the customer to the right person and improve the customer support experience.

gender detection icon

Gender Detection

Knowing your customers is an important aspect of market research. Identify the gender of your customers to enhance market planning.

Semantic Similarities

Semantic Similarities

Unlock market intelligence with text analytics. Compare all competitive products and solutions and check how close they are to each other. Identify similar features and use the insights to differentiate your offering from your competitors.

Sentiment Analysis Icon

Sentiment Analysis

Analyze feedback from your customers extracted from multiple sources and identify the sentiments of the author. Classify positive and negative feedback to gauge market reputation.

Emotion Analysis Icon

Emotion Analysis

Analyze customer feedback data from multiple sources and identify the emotions of the consumers. Find happy and unsatisfied customers along with areas to improve.

Feature Extraction Icon

Feature Extraction

Banking transactions require a ton of processing of textual data. Use feature extraction to identify and structure documents from various sources.

Keyword Extraction Icon

Keyword Extraction

Automate extraction of business and competitive intelligence from unstructured text. Analyze feedback data and uncover valuable insights.

Entity Extraction Icon

Entity Extraction

Identify relevant entities from unstructured text and documents. Extract valuable insights from text data or track your competitors.