Text Analytics to Improve Airline & Airport Operations

Analyze large volumes of air travel and customer feedback data. Improve daily operations efficiency and enhance customer support.

Text Analytics for Airline & Airport Operations

The airline/aviation industry is a highly competitive market and customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. Airline flights create a ton of data in multiple formats such as maintenance logs to air-traffic reports. A delay in examining this data can cause flight delays, landing issues and high fuel consumption. Text analytics can help you analyze all unstructured text within minutes for informed decision making.

BytesView's text analytics solutions can help you compile and analyze large volumes of textual data. Analyze customer feedback data to identify recurring issues. Similarly analyze maintenance logs, air-traffic reports, flight data, etc, to improve efficiency, enhance customer experience, manage air traffic and reduce costs.

Text Analytics Product Portfolio for Airlines & Airports

topic labelling icon

Topic labeling

Implement topic labeling to identify popular topics in conversation related to your brand. Identify reasons for incidents and use them to improve safety standards.

Intent Detection icon

Intent Detection

Use intent detection to classify support queries based on opinion, cancellation, compliant, suggestion, appreciation, query, or purchase intent.

gender detection icon

Gender Detection

Airlines provide service features based on customer's demands. Knowing the gender of your customer can help you provide gender specific personalized services.

Semantic Similarities

Semantic Similarities

Use semantic similarities to analyze the services and unique features that your competitors. Use the insights to enhance the customer experience.

Sentiment Analysis Icon

Sentiment Analysis

Analyze customer feedback data from multiple channels and analyze the sentiments of the customers to gauge your brand’s market reputation.

Emotion Analysis Icon

Emotion Analysis

Use emotion analysis to recognize the emotion expressed by the customers from textual data. Identify key issues or leverage positive feedback for marketing.

Feature Extraction Icon

Feature Extraction

Use feature extraction to extract all the features or services provided by your competitors. Analyze all unique features and use them to create the most appealing set of features or services for your brand.

Keyword Extraction Icon

Keyword Extraction

Use keyword extraction and identify relevant documents with a predefined set of words. Track conversations related to your brands or your competitors.

Entity Extraction Icon

Entity Extraction

Use entity extraction to access the travel history of your customers. Use the insights to predict demand and plan flights at reasonable prices that customers are willing to pay for.