Entity Extraction Text Analytics Solution

Use AI to automatically detect and classify key elements/entities from unstructured text data from any industry with our entity extraction tool.

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Entity Extraction Text Analytics Explained

Named entity extraction also known as named entity recognition is the process of identifying and extracting named entities from unstructured text data. The entities can be people, locations, organizations, products, etc. You can also use entity recognition to identify and organize relevant data from unstructured text.

BytesView's advanced entity extraction solution can analyze unstructured text including reviews, emails, surveys, social media conversations, etc. Identify named entities from large volumes of textual data. Build and train custom models to identify and track entities specific to your business.

Entity Extraction Solution Technical Specifications

Technical Specification of entity extraction

The entity extraction solution can breakdown unstructured text data collected from multiple information sources and identify named entities in any piece of text. Extract relevant information from large volumes of text. Analyze the customers’ opinions regarding you or your competitors. Plan targeted marketing campaigns to sway the customers buying decisions in your favor.

How to Access BytesView Entity Extraction Solution

Given below are the steps to access BytesView’s entity extraction API. Compile text data into Excel/CSV file and upload it directly on our platform, or let BytesView do it for you.

  • Gather large volumes of unstructured text data in various formats from multiple sources.
  • Compile the unstructured text data in an easy to navigate Excel/CSV file.
  • Purchase BytesView’s premium plan that suits your requirements and install the dedicated plug-ins to integrate text data with our analytics platform.
  • Get access to the exclusive features including BytesView API, after purchasing a premium plan. Enter the API key to activate the plugins and integrate the text data with ease.
  • Choose from a number of data analysis models or train a custom model with data specific to your industry or organization.
  • For further details on named entity recognition, go through the video.
access sentiment analysis

How to Train and Build Custom Entity Extraction Models

Get access to BytesView API and integrate it with your system to build custom entity extraction models. Following are the steps to train a custom analysis model.

build custom sentiment analysis
  • Upload Data: Install and activate the dedicated plugins to integrate data with ease or directly upload it on the BytesView platform.
  • Define Tags: After integrating the data, define tags for named entity extraction. It will help you extract relevant entities from text data.
  • Tag & Train: Tag relevant pieces of text to train the model. This will help the model automatically identify and extract entities that form any piece of text.
  • Evaluate and Improve: Test the accuracy of your custom entity extraction model. If the output is not precise, train your model by tagging more data.
  • Put Your Custom Analysis Model to Work: Use your custom trained model and automate named entity recognition from textual data. Get access to our API and integrate it with your system to improve efficiency.

Applications/ Use Cases of Entity Extraction

Customer Support Tickets

As businesses grow and increase the size of their target audience support teams are often overwhelmed by the massive inflow of support tickets. Use named entity extraction to manage support tickets and increase the response rates of your customer support teams.

Extract Insights from Customer Feedback

Online customer reviews can be a great source of insights for focused improvement. Analyze the feedback of customers and identify what they like and what they don't. Use Named Entity recognition to identify areas of your business that need improving.

Human Resources

Recruiters spend a heck lot of time going through tons of resumes to find the right candidate. Leverage named entity recognition and define tags to narrow down the list of candidates. Analyze their names, skills, education, experience and more with ease and find the right candidate as per your requirements.