Analyze Complex Customer Support Data

Analyze your customer support data with BytesView’s Customer Support Solution and identify valuable insights from unstructured text data.

What is Customer Support Solution ?

Companies receive a lot of support queries from multiple channels such as emails, support tickets, chat conversations with customer support representatives,automated chatbots, forums, etc.

That is a lot of text data filled with valuable insights that can improve response rates and the overall customer support experience.

BytesView customer support solution can help your support teams be prepared for all unexpected emergencies or interactions with customers.

It can gather and analyze customer support data from multiple channels and analyze it to provide valuable insights to improve the efficiency of your support teams.

How to access Customer Support solution?

Gather the Data

BytesView is an effective tool that can help you connect and accumulate support data from multiple customer support channels on a single platform.

  • Gather data from multiple channels including emails, chat conversations, chatbot interactions, forums, etc.
  • Compile all data into a single CSV file or Google Spreadsheet
  • Gather and upload data through third-party data compiling tools
Gather the employee feedback data
Integrate customer data with bytesview

Integrate the Data Feed with BytesView

After collecting the data into an Excel/CSV file, or Google Spreadsheet, you have to integrate it with the BytesView platform to perform a in-depth social media analysis. Following are the ways:

  • Directly upload the Excel/CSV file on the BytesView platform
  • Install BytesView plugin for Zendesk and Google Spreadsheets to integrate data with BytesView
  • Integrate BytesView API with your system and build custom customer support models

Auto-tagging and analysis of Support Data

After integrating the data with BytesView, you can start analyzing it by selecting from the various machine learning models we offer.

  • Automate tagging of incoming tickets based on focused issue and intent to increase efficiency and response rate
  • Track recurring customer complaints, queries, and suggestions to identify key issues and make decisions accordingly
  • A statistical overview of data to help provide superior customer support experiences
Analyze the customer data
Present the data

Present the Output

Efficient and easy to interpret analytical dashboard that provides a comprehensive overview of support data through statistical insights.

  • Identify trending customer support tickets, queries, and requests
  • Statistical insights to prepare your support teams with solutions for all issues and increase productivity
  • Insights to help construct pre-planned responses for every possible customer support query

Export the Data

You can extract all useful statistical insights from BytesView’s analytical dashboard to a PDF file.

  • Extract all analytical dashboard statistical data to the PDF file
  • Export data just by a few clicks
  • Measure response time and quality over time
export the output

Benefits of a Customer Support Solution

Improving customer satisfaction

Using a customer support solution can help you find out which issues customers are facing, and what features are hampering their satisfaction.

Knowing how your customer feel can help you immensely when it comes to providing the best solution for their problems and delivering a positive experience to them.

Improving customer satisfaction
Anticipating Customer requirements

Anticipating Customer requirements

One of the prime benefits of having a customer support solution is that by analyzing customer historical data, you get prepared for issues or events that may arise in the future, identify trends, and adapt your services to your customer’s needs.

And with our machine learning algorithms you will be able to predict when customers are at risk, and provide them personalized solutions to retain them.

Real-time Customer Monitoring

Customers are a vocal group right now they might instantly leave a reviews or comments on social media right after they’ve used your product, or subscribed to your service, or talked to your customer support staff.

That’s why monitoring customer feedback in real-time has become a necessity , you can track and rectify any bad review and prevent the customer churning. It can also help you manage performance of your customer support staff.

Real-time customer monitoring

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